Dairy Calf Operations Manager

8798 Co Rd 39, Yuma, 80759 | 01/08/2019 | Ad id: 1-0000364252

Dairy Calf Operations Manager Dairy Calf Operations Manager, Over see daily operations and health of dairy calves.  Full time Employee.   High school education or GED required. Please stop by the address below for an application or to drop off a resume. Please email resume to  Jeremiah Lungwitz,  yumacountydairy@gmail.com
Yuma County Dairy 8798 Co Rd 39 Yuma 80759   Yuma County Dairy Full time Employee High school education or GED required Jeremiah Lungwitz (970) 848-2842 yumacountydairy@gmail.com 8798 Co Rd 39 Yuma 80759